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2012-11-01 23:19:35 by HapPie

Just posting to let anyone that cares know that I'm not dead. I wanted to finish up a horror game for this Halloween, but I underestimated my own laziness, sorry. I'll work relatively hard on it and it will be here fairly soon. I'm also working on Bright in the screen 2, so there's that as well.

Happy birthday

2010-01-18 17:20:28 by HapPie

To me.

Have a comic I made about a year ago, and it's still relevant.

I would be surprised if anyone is reading this today, I'm sure someone will skim trough this in the future. Anyways, if you are not from the future (from my current perspective), I promise there will be at least one game by the end of the month.
Also, you can follow me on twitter for more meaningless updates on the current state of things.

Edit #43:
Sorry, but I couldn't get a game out in time for Halloween, I had one almost ready, but it kinda sucked. I'm currently trying to make it suck less. Also I had the brilliant idea of making another game. So now I have 2 games ( 3 with Bright 2) on the works.
HereĀ“s an interesting fact:
Number of games I said I would do: around 6. (8 with these last 2)
Numbers of games I finished: 1 (twice)


Happy birthday


2010-01-07 23:23:06 by HapPie

I've noticed that all of my posts include me whining about something.

This one might not be different.

Long story short, Bright 2 is delayed yet again, I came up with a new gameplay change that is quite important, and I'm also trying to include some (hopefully many) animated movies on the screens.




2009-12-13 19:27:37 by HapPie


The year is almost over and I've made

If you check my previous posts you will see a lot of projects I said I would finish.
Now the one most people were probably expecting was the Bright in the screen sequel.
I won't be able to finish anything this year because I'm going on a trip to Argentina with my parents to a family reunion this Wednesday and I won't be coming back for 2 weeks, it promises to be an unpleasant experience.

Anyways, I really really wanted to at least finish the Bright sequel, but life's been very messy (being in a college I didn't want to go, studying something I don't want to be) and, being honest here, I've been lazy, that I kinda got a "writer's block" and it took me over 3 weeks to come up with a decent intro level for the game.

On the bright side, once I come back I will finish most (if not every) project I've started, starting with bright, and I'm making sure that it turns out great.

So, that's all...

If anyone wants to beta test the bright game, PM, but I'll only need 2 people.
Also if you have a cool idea that could fit into one of the "screens" on the game, feel free to post it.
Here's a screenshot from the game.


I need help

2009-10-21 23:40:36 by HapPie

Hey Newgrounds,
If you've read my latest post, you know I was thinking onmaking a sequel to The bright in the screen, now I've halted every other project I was working on and now I plan on finishing this sequel for this Halloween.


I've worked for about a week already and done pretty much all of the code needed and a designed a few levels. (I've actually done the code myself, instead of relying on a tutorial..., so for better or worse, it's much less glitchier)


Halloween keeps closer and closer and now I'm not sure I'll be able to finish everything for that day.
I also want for a sponsorship(hopefully from Newgrounds), so that adds more pressure.


This is where your help comes in. While I can get almost everything done in pretty much no time, there one thing that drains a lot of time: writing, and while I already have a defined "storyline" for this (and most likely last entry for the Bright on the screen games), I know I will struggle writing the various messages spread around screens.


If you can come up with some sort of text to fit on those screens, contact me.
It can be a poem, a short story, or some kind of advice, but following the same mood that the previous Bright(s) had.
I will still write a lot (if not most) of the screen for this one, and I'll be very demanding when choosing what I will get in, so not many submissions will get in (not that I expect many...)
Naturally you would want some kind of reward, if just having something made by you being watched by thousands of people is not enough, depending on the quality (and quantity) of you contributions, you might get a small percentage of either the Sponsorship, or the ad revenue.
Since I'm a selfish bastard, most likely you won't appear under the "Author and File information" tab, unless I'm not a selfish bastard, in which case the number of people who contributed, the quality of their submissions, and other factors will be considered and discussed.

Also, and just as important


This time I will try using only music form the Audio Portal, I'm sure there are great songs over there, but they a chore to find. So if you know about some particular song or author that would fit in a Bright in Screen game, do contact me.
Even more so if you are a musician yourself and have (or is willing to do) songs for this game.

Also, a less important matter: I was born exactly 19 years ago. (Not exactly 19 years, but that doesn't matter) (In fact, none of this matters)

Anyhow, PM if you are interested and explain your idea(s).

Screenshot from the game in question:

I need help

Not anymore

2009-09-29 19:44:42 by HapPie

Well, maybe not that good, and most certainly not good for everyone, but news after all.

Today I got something on the mail... a little package, with my prize for the Halloween Contest 2008!....
great, it only took it 11 MONTHS to arrive, anyways I got the awesome calendar and some nice stickers and a check I will never be able to cash in, but at least I got Tom's signature (which I can use for evil purposes). Anyhow, good job Bolivian postal service.

Last week while I was searching through my brother's CDs and DVDs for a FL installer I found one of my DVDs, the one with the backup of my animations and stuff from 2 years ago, the animations that got deleted last year and that I thought where lost forever...well, I've found it, and while it didn't have ALL of my animations (one in which I had worked for over 2 months is still missing) I did recover another one in which I had invested some time. Now I can finish and you will be able to rejoice over the nonsensical plot and overall weirdness of it. Although, looking back to when I started it, I've noticed that I changed, well, maybe not, but I would've done thing differently, but it's interesting in the sense that I was able to look at how I thought like 2 years ago. Will try to finish it this October.

Progress is good on my current games, though I haven't talked with my PO3 team members in a while, I'm still working on my personal proyect for a dream based game.
I was planning on releasing a sequel to The Bright in the screen for this Halloween, but I'm not sure I'll be able to finish it, but I could always try.



Below, a screenshot from the flash I've recovered that I plan on finishing.

Not anymore

Hey there everybody.

For those of you that care about me enough to click this, and cared even more to keep reading, a little warning: this might be a boring news post, since it's about me, and what I do, so if you are not me, and don't care about what do I do, you won't find any kind of benefit from reading this, however, you might end up being of help to me, but if this first lines didn't catch you attention, or you found them pretentious or blatant, I suggest you stop reading.

Now that previous paragraph was totally unnecessary, wasn't it?

Anyways, here goes the post:

The game is coming slowly, but it is coming. Most of the code, and a lot of art too. however, we have zero music, because our music guy disappeared (and that's bad, for us)

So, I want (really really want) to study animation, but, there is no such career available in my country, my most plausible options are either Argentina or Mexico, I have family in Argentina and it's cheaper, but I'm not sure about the quality of the course over there, Mexico sounds better, but it would be fairly difficult to convince my parents to send me over there; As much as I would love to(really really love to) go to the USA or Canada, that would seem almost impossible, given how hard would it be for me to get over there, and the pricey (really pricey) costs of the course over there.
Right now I'm studying Software Engineering, but hopefully next year I won't. Hopefully next year I'll be in Argentina, with a lot of luck maybe on Mexico, and with a miracle maybe on the USA.
Anyways, if anyone knows about the quality of the animation courses on Argentina, or Mexico, please tell me about it. If anyone has godly like powers and can get me to Mexico or the USA, or knows about scholarships or anything, tell me too.

If you've been following my news, you might know I was working on a game (besides the PO3 one), I have almost all the code done, but I halted the project, because it was too art heavy, and I'm too damn perfectionist, I didn't like the way my art was coming, basically, it was ugly. I could ask someone else to do it for me, but would rather have it done myself, so now I'm taking online drawing lessons, so once I feel my art is good, I will continue the game.

However, I started another game, a zelda like game and this time I'll experiment around with pixel art.
This new game was inspired by Yumme Nikki, a bunch of dream articles I read, dream interpretations, the Sandman comic series, and a Borges short story, so...yeah.

So there you go, a lot of text, which probably won't affect anything, and dreams.

Below, to the right:concept art by DooDooMeat for the creature featured in our Power of 3 game ;
to the left, the main character and a house, being dreamed, from my next game about dreams.

Because nobody will read this : dreams

Power of 3, demos, etc.

2009-05-23 16:39:43 by HapPie

Edit: Got a team. Bye.

Power of 3, demos, etc.

Nothing really

2009-04-18 20:39:54 by HapPie

It's been a long time since my last submission here, but there is a simple explanation for that: Laziness.
As you probably don't know, I participated in a game contest with the chance of wining a scholarship for animation or video game development, and you can probably guess the outcome:


Now, I have the game I made for the contest, but I'm not submitting it yet. I don't know why exactly, but I'll make a series out of that game, right now I'm working on the prequel, and I'll make 1 or even 2 sequels after that. Making it 4 games. All of them with different gameplay, but similar concepts, I'll talk about this later, as for now:


As you should know, I don't know much about actionscript, I made The bright in the screen by just messing around with a tutorial I had found ( this one).
Now however, with this new game I'm trying to do all the coding by myself from scratch, and it is taking me longer than expected, which was to be expected, since I'm an idiot that wants to make a game without the proper actionscript knowledge.
After several attempts, I'm now almost done with the code for my new game(s). But after that I still have to do all the art and finish the game itself. Also, I really want to start/finish a bunch of animations, but between being lazy and college, there is not enough time. I guess I should really stop being lazy and start doing something. But I get in front of the computer, open up Flash and the only that comes out is:


You can skip the previous paragraphs, since they are not of your interest, but if you already read it, sorry, but you just read a bunch of:


About the game(s) I'm working on, I didn't plan to make it a series from the beginning (when I made it to the contest), but things happened, and I decided to do so. If you've read my previous news post, you know about the game I planned to do, and I gotta say that the game that I ended up doing, and the game(s) that I will end up doing follow the theme of what I explained in my post. But it will change a bit, it's still about personality disorders (I think), but now it will be more "serious" and probably more mature than the game I planned to do, on top of that, I now want to throw in several cutscenes (animated preferably) into all of the games, (which will delay their development even more). But there is still so much to do, it's as good as if I had done


Also, regarding the cutscenes,I might need a VA for my games. So if anyone is interested, tell me so. I don't guarantee anything though, I might not end up using any voices in the games, but there is a chance. If youareinterested and want to know about who or what you might be voicing, I'll try to explain as best as I can: It's a guy who thinks that there isn't

Nothing really.

Nothing really


2008-12-28 16:28:50 by HapPie

Hello, today I'll talk about future projects to be released in 2009. Warning, lots of text lie ahead.

Ok, the year is ending and I've decided to actually start doing something new...
At the beginning of 2008, I had 2 animations that were almost complete which I planned to end by November...

...but someone erased the .flas... (Long story short: I go to trip, meanwhile computer starts freezing, brother takes computer to tech guy, tech guy says "Your video card is faulty", brother says"ok, so what do we do?", tech guy says "well, just change it... oh and let's format your computer, for no reason whatsoever; just tell me what files do you want to keep", brother "Oh,well, I'm too lazy to call my brother and ask him, just erase anything video-game related" so the tech guy looks at all my files and thinks "Ok, we keep the homeworks...the music...the images...erase Bioshock, this other game... oh, what's this? Flash? Must be a game! Huhu")
Well that wasn't too short, but who cares? I don't.

Anyhow, now I've started working on them again, and just for the hell of it, I'm posting the images here, go here for a full size version, note that these are not of the actual flash, but of drawing I made trying to remember how the thing was like. I may end up using those pictures though, because I'm too lazy.
Ok, so there you go, 4 pictures, the first 3 are from one project, and the last another; I won't tell you their names or what they are about, but I will tell you this: the first one isn't real, and the second one has explosions, and people, both happening at the same time.

Now about the 5th picture: It's a game I'm working on for a contest by MTVLA*, the code is almost finished, then I'll move on to the style, art, whatever you call it. The picture I posted is just a sketch and may no end being the actual look of the game, the same goes for the name, though it will be something similar, I can't decide between "All 4 of us" or "The 4 of us"...
Anyway, it may feel a lot like The bright in the screen, but it's a totally different idea, in this game you take the role of 4 characters...something about multiple personality disorder, you will probably realize that you have it.

Also, Bright in the screen 2.



*MTV Latin America is holding "Level 1" a contest in which you game the first level of a game, and if you win, they pay you 1500$ and give you a scholarship for animation or video game development, only valid for Latin America except Brazil, and Mexico... and no, they are not paying me for promoting it here, in fact, I shouldn't be doing this, only an idiot would want more competition.

Bye again, don't forget to click the link for a full size version of the image below.

Hey, I almost forgot, I will remove X-Mas Puppets 2 in about 5 days, UNLESS 5 or more people tell me to keep it. I don't like it anymore, but maybe you do. (Wait, can you even do that? Remove a movie?)